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A british database of
old photographs
to search and upload a great opportunity for genealogists and family historians to use.

To help this project
grow we need more
old photographs so upload your old photographs now it's easy to follow.

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Family Research

Having over 10 years experience in family history research you will not be disappointed with the results. It can be daunting starting out in your family research and you'd like help to start, you may have come to a dead end yourself or it maybe that you just haven't the time.

I offer an excellent service with prices starting from £11 per hour, you may have as much or as little as you like and I'll always keep in contact and make sure you know what is being spent. You will receive regular emails and information on the progress.

Here are some customer comments taken with permission:

Thank you so very much for the fab information. I could not get home from work quick enough in the hope you had replied, and disappointed I was not. I have been searching for years to find Benjamin.
Linda UK, Nov 2008 and continuing ...

Thanks for all your help.
Gloria UK, Jan 2008 and continuing ...

Fantastic, thanks! it's fascinating! I'm enjoying your discoveries especially with the surname Smith!
Frances UK, Jan 2008 - 2009


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