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Having over ten years experience in family history research you will not be disappointed with the results. It can be daunting starting out in family research and you'd like help to start, you may have come to a dead end yourself or it maybe that you just haven't the time. I offer an excellent service with prices starting from £11 per hour, you may have as much or as little as you like and I'll always keep in contact and make sure you know what is being spent. You will receive regular emails and information on the progress.

Find out as much information from living relatives if you can or as much as you know yourself. I thoroughly enjoy every moment of family history research and with over 10years experience I am sure to find out something that you didn't already know. However as family research is dependant on a number of factors such has records surving and relying on your ancestor to have logged the information correctly it may be possible to come across a dead end at some point.
You may choose to have as little or as much family research done as you wish you may just be looking for a simple family tree, or a more documented break down of your family including census information and occupations.

Barton family grave
Barton family grave - Walthamstow
My charges
The amount of time necessary to research and trace a family tree varies considerably from family to family.  Some families can take a lot longer to trace than others.  This can be for many number of reasons from an entry written down wrong or a missed entry.  Some families were travellers or moved house a lot and frustratingly it sometimes becomes apparent that the records are missing. 
For this reason the costs are laid out below to allow you to stop before you've spent more than you have!

Customer comments:
Fantastic, thanks! it's fascinating! I'm enjoying your discoveries especially with the surname Smith!
Frances UK.

Thank you so very much for the fab information. I could not get home from work quick enough in the hope you had replied, and disappointed I was not. I have been searching for years to find Benjamin.
Linda UK.

Thanks for all your help.
Gloria UK.

In genealogy there is no time scale to the research because as mentioned before, some families take longer than others.  In my experience, four hours research would hopefully give you a good start and should provide enough time to trace one generation. 

After that, you may say you'd like a further two hours research - you will always agree and confirm this via email or letter before I continue.

Research per hour*

Included in research; regular time sheets informing you of finds plus proof such as print outs or electronic copies of census found. Also included is a family website which you can view to see the family growing. From this you can print off your own family tree's.

Per hour if you'd like multiple hours place how many hours you'd like in the quantity box at the checkout.

If you would like to give this as a gift to someone why not buy a gift voucher;


*Travel expenses, reports & certificates are not included in this price. Certificates are taken out of the research credit ie £22 for research might give two hours of research or 1 hour of research and 1 certificate depending on requirements. Travel expenses and reports would be agreed with you, the client, before going ahead. 

Travel expenses
to use a library or meet another researcher

To be agreed with you, the client, dependent on the travel required. 

Certificate copies

£10.00 per certificate

detailing where the research was carried out, how long it took, what was found and what the next steps are.

Please me for a quote.  Prices are dependent on the number of generations involved.

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Lyons Surname; During the research the Lyon surname I came across a mysterious marriage entry in which it had two wives names against the same volume & page! My client had a family bible with 'Emily Brazier (1882)' written inside. But when looking up her child's birth certificate it said Emily Bonnington under the mother's maiden name. So the marriage certificate with Emily Bonnington/Brazier to James Cooper was very strange!. So I sent off for this certificate, when it arrived it had James Cooper & Emily Bonnington under Bride and Bridegroom, the father was George Bonnington, and the witnesses were George & Sarah Bonnington. But interestingly Emily had signed her name Brazier! So I proceeded to find the family on the census where I discovered Emily Braziers mother had re-married to a George Bonnington the Vicar must have assumed she had the same name as her mother & stepfather! Even more interesting is that, in every census from 1871 until 1901 Sarah has a different surname! four surnames in 40 years!

tree sample
Reads Surname; This proved quite difficult as i've still to this day not found Maria Wenlocks birth certificate (I've been searching since 1998!!), this is the grandmother of Jeanette Read, I have searched and searched but have come to the conclusion that, because she was the daughter of a boat (canal's) family she may not have had a birth certificate or it's been mislaid during the moving of registers or possibly she was adopted and wasn't born a Wenlock. However I did know Maria's sisters names which has been helpful, I sent off for their birth certificates and have been able to establish her mothers maiden name and thus take the family back a little further.

My personal research
I have been researching my own family for 10 years and have gained a lot of experience in doing so.  I regularly use the internet for research and have when necessary, travelled to London UK to trace a particular family history line. I have managed to trace some families back to the 1600s and found out a lot about the history of these families. I have been able to trace my mother-in-law’s family back over several generations.  This was great fun because they were boat /barge people who moved about a lot.  My research to date has mostly taken place in the U.K. covering the Midlands and Essex, although I have traced ancestors as far as Cornwall and even America and Australia.  The West Midlands and Warwickshire in the UK are obviously a speciality as that's where I live.
If you happen to be tracing a surname on my own family tree and in the same geographical areas, we could well be related!   In this instance, I'd be happy to give the information I have already accrued for free!
old photo

Frank Gilder retirement

Frank Gilder's retirement, Coventry Evening Telegraph

About me;
I am married and the mother of two lovely girls; consequently, I work from home during school time and evenings. Much of my research can be done on the computer using the considerable experience I've gained, to search various websites and use search engines.  Sometimes however, I need to travel to visit libraries, Churches, records offices etc  to use materials that I’m unable to access via the computer.

For information on my family surnames please contact me with your full name and address.

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